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The ASMP Guide to New Markets in Photography
Three chapters (21,000 words) of oral history interviews with thirty-two photographers representing a variety of specialties, genres, ages, and genders talking about their strategies for success in business.
Susan Carr, Editor, Allworth Press, 2012.

A Specific Palette
Profile of iconic fashion photographer Melvin Sokolsky. 
PhotoMedia Magazine, 2010.

The Blessings of the Field
Profile of the late biologist Dr. Ken Norris, who during his lifetime was the preeminent authority on dolphins and whales.

A Revamped Victorian
Feature for
Fine Homebuilding Magazine on the resuscitation of a Victorian house.

In the Best Interests of the Child
A profile of a children's services agency placing children with adoptive and foster families, who would otherwise spend their childhoods in group homes and shelters.

Homes Across America
Segment Producer: non-fiction scripts for a show on
and Garden Television (HGTV).

Adaptive Reuse
A radio feature about turning a non-commissioned church into a house.
Marketplace Morning Report segment on NPR's Morning Edition, January, 2004.
Construction-and-design creative content: 34 “how-tos”, 200-500 words each.

How To Do (Just About) Everything
(Contributor), eHow, Simon & Schuster, 2000